fasani celeste

fasani celeste

Our company brings together three talented and capable individuals of Fasani family: Mr. Celeste, the company's founder, with his two sons Luca and Stefano. “Rosso Verona” Italian red marble production has been our main activity for many years, our “branded” marble that we extract from several quarries with their own distinctive features.

The material and its shape

Marble is flexible and versatile beyond expectation.
We are not only focused on extractions, but also on projects, ideas and advising services for companies, experts and designers.

Our offer

We extract Rosso Verona Italian red marble from many different quarries.
We can supply: raw and processed marble, standard and customized products which can be used for any kind of construction purpose in both private and public real estate sector.

Quality is a universal concept

Our marble slept for 170 million years and today it comes out here to show us all its beauty and elegance. Its quality is known internationally and is in demand by many customers worldwide. In fact we have been selling our marble in several different countries throughout the world.

An eye to the future

The future of marble lies in design, the re-inventing of such material through research and innovation. Urban architecture, public buildings, sacred monuments, street furniture, interior design tools and decorative elements will become the main application fields.